About the Snap N Spank

We are delighted to introduce the World’s First Multi-Level Spanking Paddle, a unique and innovative twist to spanking.

SNAP-N-SPANK is ideal for beginners or seasoned spankers, no matter what level you are at SNAP-N-SPANK is in fact becoming an essential addition to the collection of implements that so many of us collect. But what makes SNAP-N-SPANK so different?

SNAP-N-SPANK incorporates a unique magnetic stacking spanking system, allowing the spanker the ability to vary the levels by adding or deducting a    layer, thus either increasing or decreasing the sensations being experienced by the spankee.

Like all spanking paddles it must be understood that there are two elements to consider when par-taking in sensation play. The material that it is made from and the intensity in which is applied.
SNAP-N-SPANK Baseline (3x) paddles are made from sturdy 3 mm acrylic, but here is where the beauty of the spanking system vastly differs from any other paddle on the market.
SNAP-N-SPANK ‘s unique magnetic layering system lets you just simply add a wooden SNAP-N-SPANK paddle to your baseline acrylic set. Now you have in your hand both acrylic and also wood so now you can not only vary the intensity by adding and deducting but you have the bonus of changing the sensation to either wood or acrylic.

To summarise imagine 4 paddles 3x acrylic and 1x wood which you can hold  in one hand with four different sensations and weights in 7 different combinations.  Yes 7 different combinations in one hand, this is why all spankers should have a SNAP-N-SPANK paddle.

Also as an added enhancement you can have your SNAP-N-SPANK paddles personalised.